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Constitution of the Army EOD & Search Association

  1. The Association shall be known as ‘The Army EOD & Search Association’, hereinafter called the ‘Association’.


  2. To enable our community network, connecting EOD and Search, serving and retired, individual and corporate. By complementing and supporting engagement between the UK military, veteran, industry and charity organisations who deliver or support EOD/ Search operators: be they current, former or future

  3. In furtherance of the above:-

    a) to keep in touch with and support the activities of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal & Search Regiments.

    b) to encourage the exchange of experience, through publications and other media, of those serving, or who have served, in Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Improvised Explosive Device Disposal or Search units.

    c) to organise social and other activities.


  4. Individual membership is open to all who have qualified in an EOD or Search role requiring an advanced level of skill and exposure to a high level of risk. Which could be deemed equivalent to those of the original bomb disposal officer role. Membership is open to all who have qualified in such roles from Army, Royal Navy, RAF or Police. This would routinely be at Officer or SNCO level but all relevant industry leadership and management level applications are welcomed.

  5. Individuals who are not eligible as above may become an Honorary or Associate member at the discretion of the Committee.

  6. Organisations may join as associate corporate members at the discretion of the Committee.

    Removal or resignation of membership

  7. The Committee have the power to remove from the register of members any member whose subscription remains unpaid for one year. The Committee have the power to reinstate such member upon payment of all arrears.

  8. Any member wishing to resign may do so by giving notice in writing to the Secretary.

    Annual subscription

  9. The annual subscription shall be determined by the Committee and to be effective, should be confirmed at the next AGM. Any revised subscription shall become payable, in advance, from 1st January of the following year.

  10. Payment of a subscription entitles a member to stand for election to the Committee.

    President and Patron

  11. There should be a president of the Association, preferably a distinguished person who has served in an EOD or Search role.

  12. At the Committee’s discretion the Association may also appoint a Patron, preferably a distinguished person who has an affinity with the EOD & Search community.


  13. The day to day running of the Club shall be the responsibility of the Management Committee (Hereinafter called the ‘Committee’). Election to the Committee will be at the AGM.

  14. The Committee should consist of a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and between three and six elected members. The offices of Treasurer and Secretary may be combined.

  15. The Commander 29 EOD & Search Group and the Commanding Officers of the EOD & Search Regiments (11 EOD and Search Regiment RLC, 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD & Search), 35 Engineer Regiment (EOD & Search) and 101 Engineer Regiment (EOD & Search)) and the Commanding Officer Defence EOD, munitions & Search (DEMS) Training Regiment shall be ex officio members of the Committee.

  16. The Committee have the right to co-opt up to two additional members as required at any time.

  17. The Committee may appoint sub committees as it deems necessary and shall describe their function.

  18. Committee meetings shall be held when deemed necessary by the Chairman or Secretary.

  19. The financial year shall commence on 1st January.

  20. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping account of all income and expenditure and shall present a financial report at the Committee meetings and an audited account for approval by members at the AGM.

  21. A Bank account shall be operated in the name of the Association and withdrawals shall be made on the signature or written authorisation of any two of the officers of the Association, one of whom should be the Treasurer.

  22. An Auditor will be elected at each AGM.


  23. The election of officers and members of the Committee shall take place at each AGM.

    General meetings

  24. The AGM of the Association shall be held each year to coincide with a social function, the date of which will be advised to members.

  25. General Meetings shall be called by the Committee.

  26. Extraordinary General Meetings may be called on the written request of at least ten members of the Association.


  27. Any matter not provided for in the Constitution and concerning the organisation and activities of the Association shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be final.

  28. Changes to the Constitution shall only be made at a General Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting, of which at least twenty one days’ notice in writing shall have been given. Such notice shall include the proposed changes to the Constitution.

  29. Changes to the Constitution shall, to be effective, receive the assent of two thirds of the members present and voting at such a meeting.


  30. The Association may be dissolved by a resolution presented at an Extraordinary Meeting called for this purpose. The resolution must have the assent of two thirds of those present and voting. Such resolutions may give instructions for the disposal of any assets remaining after satisfying any outstanding debts and liabilities

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